Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Polka Dot Wristlet

My recent project has been to make a new wristlet. I am in love with my Coach one which is similar to the one seen here. I was browsing around online for ideas and luckily came across Sew Spoiled's blog. I really liked a wrislet pattern that she had up (Here) and used it as a guideline for mine. Her's is a little larger and had more pleats than I wanted so I cut it down in size and removed the additional two side pleats. I also was lucky to find some bias tape that already had piping done which I think made a really nice accent.

Of course when I was done I realized how cute the piping would be at the top around the zipper, but too little too late. Chances are I'll be redoing this project so I can make that change, and my niece will be one wristlet richer.

Though I love this in polka-dots, once I get the pattern 100% I'll make this in all back. I wanted to make this one specifically for a special occasion that I am making a dress for.