Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Polka Dot Wristlet

My recent project has been to make a new wristlet. I am in love with my Coach one which is similar to the one seen here. I was browsing around online for ideas and luckily came across Sew Spoiled's blog. I really liked a wrislet pattern that she had up (Here) and used it as a guideline for mine. Her's is a little larger and had more pleats than I wanted so I cut it down in size and removed the additional two side pleats. I also was lucky to find some bias tape that already had piping done which I think made a really nice accent.

Of course when I was done I realized how cute the piping would be at the top around the zipper, but too little too late. Chances are I'll be redoing this project so I can make that change, and my niece will be one wristlet richer.

Though I love this in polka-dots, once I get the pattern 100% I'll make this in all back. I wanted to make this one specifically for a special occasion that I am making a dress for.

Mini Laptop Bag

This is a laptop bag that I made for my hp mini. My friend and partner in crafting crimes had the idea and when I saw her's I got jealous and decided to make one of my own. The following is what ensued.
Showing off my perfectly aligned stripes

I love Pockets!

One of my first attempts at embroidery

Infant Skirt

This is a basic skirt with an elastic band that I made for my niece to wear for my sister's wedding. My older niece was the flower girl and my mom made her dress, so what to do with the extra material? Make her younger sister a matching skirt to wear over her onesie.

Reversable Baby Sling

This is a really simple baby sling that I made for my sister. It is reversible because we used a flat-felled seam so it is exactly the same on both sides. We used orange as the solid so that she could wear my niece as a pumpkin for Halloween since she had already bought an orange pumpkin hat.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hollowed Books

This is a project that I had wanted to do for quite awhile. I have several siblings that have nasty tendencies to "borrow" anything that isn't nailed down in my room. I have bought several premade hollowed books in the past but have never been satisfied by their appearance. They are all nicely made but I could never get over the fake look of them. I wanted to try to make more authentic hollowed books so here you have them. I searched online for "how to" methods and pick and chose what I thought would work best.


My name is Danielle,
I'm a novice crafter of sorts and am always looking for something to keep my hands busy. I enjoy sewing, scrapbooking, and doing random projects. I'm not sure what I hope to gain from this blog yet, but I think it will be just a catch all for my random projects that I do. That being said I'm going to upload some old projects that I've done in the past.

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